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    Richard Wobby


    Okay its a long story but I’ll do it as quickly as possible.

    Took my motorhome and Ally out on a cruse last weekend (needed a weekend to spend with my wife) got out about 300 miles motorhome pulling Ally and motorhome fuel pump went down. Had it towed to a shop and was told it would be a few days. Well not being the most patient. I loaded Lauren and some luggage into ally and continued on my journey councluding with a 350 mile sprint home. This weekend got word Motorhome was ready and decided to drive Ally back out 350 miles to pick up motorhome and pull ally back. Ally agreed to 340 miles of trip. Blow the belt shot #3 plug out the side and as I was listening to all this, trying to get her over to the side of the interstate. threw a valve or something. Mess of oil on the side of the road(I’ve seen this on a few racecars and its never a good sign. Well, I thumber the last 10 miles got the motorhome went back picked up Ally and have since arrive back at home. Question?



    Turn Key

    1600 or 1641

    I’ve already got a set of 40s that I’m going to use at some point, But where should I start. I’m thinking Pull my motor and rebuild this SOB this winter. But it is a 71 and maybe I’m just throwing good money after bad. In racing we’ld scrap it and get a crate.  

    edward ericson


    Rich! Glad you’re OK.

    Really sorry to hear about Ally. I vote for a rebuild–or go find that guy with the barn full of old VW motors you mentioned a few months back. Haul his junk home. Mix & match.

    Somehow I just don’t see you dropping $3-$4k on a crate motor. Where’s the fun there?

    Dan Rosa


     That IS a bad day ‘s drive but if it was me I think i would do a new engine at least 1600cc driving a long distance, new is always best ,  I would do some nice long distance drives , my wife and i always had more fun going on trips with only saddle bags ,on the Harley , but with a TD it would just as much fun and dryer, a little. That is how we ended here 15 years ago.

    Larry Murphy


     Rich, That was some kind of a bad deal. Hope you at least got some quality time with Lauren.

     Your Allison TD is a rare and special car that is worthy of a quality engine, but I would have to know just how bad the engine is damaged before making a decision. I’m not trying to say patch it up but it may not be as bad as it looks.Pull it out and begin the tear down,find out what all is damaged and then make your decision.. The car is worth a new engine for sure if that is what it takes to get it back on the road.



    A rebuild kit for you engine would run you about $800 to $900 if you get a rebuild kit from Mid America Motorworks. That’s where I got my 1641 kit . Didn’t have to machine anything with the case or heads for the 1641. Just did an align/bore.

    A new crate motor will run you about $1.00 to $1.50 a cc so just for a new, STOCK, 1600 motor will cost you $1600 for a quality motor.

    I vote for a rebuild. It’s cheaper and way more FUN!!

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    Steve Crites


    Glad ya’ll are okay.  That’s a good thing about VWs, when they blow, they don’t spray oil on the back tires at 60mph. 

     And, FWIW, I vote go 1641cc. bigger has to be better, right?

    edward ericson


    SCAT 2165 cc street engine kit with U.S.A.-forged, duynamically-balanced 78mm stroker crank, forged I-beam rods, 94mm pistons: $1,300

    new case with true VW 8mm studs: $800

    machining, etc.: $300

    “Mad Max” 044 casting heads with 42mm intake and 37.5mm stainless exhaust valves, dual valve springs, venturi-cut valve job, 50cc fly cut, welded and ported intakes port-matched to “Big Beef” intake manifold: $1,250

    Web-Cam 86-B “Two Liter Special” camshaft with 105 degree lobe separation angle and SCAT racing 1.4 “ratio” rocker kit: $370

    Dual Weber 44 IDFs with CB Performance linkage: $950

    Video of Ally pulling Wobby’s motorhome up Mt. Washington: priceless.

    James Cochran


    That would be a YouTube special if Ally could do that, 
    What I don’t know about the VW has filled a lot of books, but my thoughts are with ya, and I am thankful you have this awesome support team here to help you. You have a wealth of knowledge and advice right here.
    Heck I don’t even know what FWIW is in Ringo’s message, but I’ll Google it. Best of luck, I am going to sit on the sidelines and see how it works out for you.
    Ha, found it! I need to get up to speed here…..

    FWIW For What It’s Worth
    FWIW     For Whoever Is Wondering
    Mark Hendrickson


    OK…IMHO, a 1776 cc dual port longblock with 042 heads from http://www.aircooledengineering.com/

    I have actually had 2 MOFOCO “Streetwise” 1776 longblocks. They were trouble free (hydraulic lifters) and had more than enough “yank” in the first Pink MG (Angelica). I’ve heard that Roy Henning (MOFOCO) has really cleaned up their act too. They are in Milwaukee, WI.

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