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    Edward Festor


    Actually I seem to remember being on this site years ago. I don’t own a TD replica but love them and hope to own one when I retire in three years. I prefer the front engined replicas but a VW would actually have a lot of support where I plan to go.

    I have owned a BMW Z-3 replica for years but due to back and hip pain have trouble getting in and out.

    I’ ve started to look more closely at TD reps, and am amazed that there is so much variation. Some are pretty close, and a few are not to my liking at all, like the ones with the bump to accommodate the VW torsion tube. BCW seemed to make the best looking, with correct turn signals and a simulated gas gap in the right place.

    15” Kia Rio wheels are a near dead ringer for TD wheels and fit in place of 4 lug VW. Why more don’t use them and have those rusty Kmart wire wheel covers instead, I don’t know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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