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  • Hi Mike, well this is a continuing and embarrassing item that I have struggled with. I have considered the installation of one or two of those hydraulic “hold-openers” that can be bought as aftermarket. I am always worried about overloading the fiberglass on the sides of the engine opening and so I have not done it. Recently I have changed engines…[Read more]

  • Hi Frank, I have been thinking about that too for quite a while. I believe it depends on what kit you have and on what base it sits. I have an early kit from FiberFab on a ’71 VW and there is no provision for doing that.¬†FiberFab was talking later on about bringing out kits where the spare could be mounted but in the meantime they are out of…[Read more]

  • Hi, The material of my top is a type of material that is used on boat covers, it might be a type of vynil. He has several other materials that he can make tops from, however, the prices change then a lot. Mine was made for a bit over 500 but he would have to give you the price. The other estimates went as high as 1300. The others all wanted to…[Read more]

  • Hi Bill. In my mind I am right there with you, on the floor and exhausting¬†the four letter word vocabulary. However, I see myself looking at a crossmember that is in a channel cofiguration. On some of them the channel is open to the top, others are open to the bottom. Recently I have done some iron work on other projects and after all these years…[Read more]

  • Hi medicinewheel8. Did you ever get the information on the top? I did call him and he is willing to do some more.

  • Hi once more. I assume that your car is a replica like mine. My car is in Florida and he did the top without the car, just with the old top that he took apart for a pattern. Mine is a Fiberfab and I still have the old top too. He made the top after we selected the material and without the snaps. I installed the top with his instructions and…[Read more]

  • Hi medicinewheel8, I had a top made in Lexington, KY. The young guy made it using the old top as a pattern. I am very satisfied in what he did. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Hi medicinewheel, I had a top made in Lexington, KY this summer. I am still using the original kit side curtains but I am sure this guy can make them too. He made the top with the old top as a pattern. He gave me a bag full of snaps and a source for ViceGrip plier attachment and then I installed it here in Florida. Take a look in the photos under…[Read more]

  • Hi Dude,
    I have an ’80 Fiberfab Migi that needed a new top. We have the car in Florida but live in Kentucky. I took my old top home with me and had three people looking at it. Two told me that they would not touch it unless they had the car. One young guy in Kentucky did tell me that he would try and he also quoted my a price that was 50% less…[Read more]

  • Alex Cantacuzene replied to the topic My Migi in the forum TD Replicas 17 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Paul, we are in Florida right now, about 15 miles north of Tampa. I have been involved with cars and mechanical things for most of my life and am still tinkering with it. This summer I built up another engine for this car and will swap engines soon. The one in the car right now is running good but the next one is the original block to the…[Read more]

  • Alex Cantacuzene replied to the topic My Migi in the forum TD Replicas 17 years, 9 months ago

    Hi, just posted a photo of “My Migi”. Since I am new I did not know how to add a comment. Anyway, the kit is ’80, was finished in ’82 and has been in several states: MO, KS, SC, NC, KY and FL. I am keeping it in the best shape that I know and just added a new top that was made in KY by a young guy with a small shop. He copies the old top and never…[Read more]

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