• Neil J Flaherty posted an update 2 months ago

    @edsnova , Not really very good at navigating this site… so hope this get through. my “regular” e-mail address is I’ve been on and off of this website for about 14 years, and have always been interested in your technical efforts. Attention to detail etc. Anyhow, all that being said, I have a British Coachworks TD Replica, that I purchased about 14 ago, after some sears of some neglect. I believe it was one of the Schwepes

    it has the Chevette Power set-up. Anyhow , anyhow, I’ve never driven it in the rain to speak of, but the wipers have always worked fine (to pass inspection). This spring they seem to not want to cooperate (work) I have a mechanic who has worked for me since purchase. In the procdess of sorting things out, I told him I thought the motor/drive mechanism was from a VW. Just wondered if you knew anything about that. BTW remember years ago your project of fabricating the wiper motor install on the top of the winshield. Any insight you might have that could help us out would be gratefully recieved. Neil Flaherty