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  • @edsnova , Not really very good at navigating this site… so hope this get through. my “regular” e-mail address is I’ve been on and off of this website for about 14 years, and have always been interested in your technical efforts. Attention to detail etc. Anyhow, all that being said, I have a British Coachworks TD…[Read more]

  • Hi Tom,  I have a BCW with Chevette power.  Have owned the car for about 10 years.  It’s been generally great.  When I learn how to add a picture to this site I’ll get one off to you, and everyone else.  Most of the repairs I’ve encountered have been typical “old” U.S. type issues. recently had water pump replaced.  Nice part is, the parts are o…[Read more]

  • Thanks Ed for the Link.  Love the hysterical stuff, probably cause I wasn’t old then…  N

  • Ed,  Thanks to you, Paul, and anyone else who has taken the time to keep the site operational.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!  Things seem to be back to “normal”, at least on my end.  When one doesn’t know what the issue is, of course, your imagination can run away with you.  I’m thinking the site will go away.  Yikes!  Thanks to all wh…[Read more]

  • just for the record guys, my link on my favorites gave me some other mg forum (I think…).  Anyhow, had to access our site by using home page (MSN) search engine with MGTDreplica forum entered.  Haven’t been on for for a couple of days, so I guess I missed all the fun.  First thoughts were the IRS had shut us down or something…  Thanks for Paul…[Read more]

  • Hey Guys,  For the forever sharp steering wheels, go to:  and you’ll find this steering wheel in 14″ and 15″ size, (also available without rivets if one prefers…) SKU for 14″ with rivets is 2001.  Interesting part is the list price there is $79.95.  The dish is listed as approximately 2″.  Good Luck.  Neil

  • Royal  What was your source for powder?  I’m guessing that the Craftsman powdercoating gun is an in stock type item at the sears store, correct?   Thanks Neil 

  • Hey guys,  tomorrow is definately gonna be aww-summ!  Unfortunately, my bride is at a conference in Glens Falls NY, but I’ve found a friend to go on our Fall Foliage Dinner Tour here in NH.  Colors are not quite peak (guess that means we get a peek… hmm).  The club is the British Cars of NH.  Can you believe it, we were actually invited to join…[Read more]

  • Looks to me like just another sterling example of how our “trusted” lawmakers have figured out one more way they can squeeze a few more bucks out of those of us who actually work for a living; so they can use it to convince us to continue to vote for them… and their free haircuts, retirement programs. chauffeur service, vacations (whoops, I…[Read more]

  • Greg,  Years ago, I had a VW repair business.  Although the shop manual calls for engine removal to replace that bushing which is pressed into the case, it can be removed easily by using a bottoming tap.  Unfortunatly I don’t recall the size, but tomorrow I will look through my tools and see if I can find it.  In any case, it obviously is just a l…[Read more]

  • greg

       I used some hard plastic stuff that I think most auto/boat upholstery places use.  It may be as thin as 1/16 in.  In any case very strong, but easy to bend, and easy to cut with heavy duty scissors.  I think the uphostery guys use it when they do doors and side panels.  Instead of trying to cover steering column, I just ran it up to the c…

    [Read more]

  • Thanks Paul, Ed & Bill for help and response!  Sent message to Bill to see what’s up with his lights as my next move.  I’ll also call MG Magic tomorrow, but I think I spoke to them before, and I think he told me they only offered the version with the SAE plastic lens.  We’ll see…  Ed the guy with the interesting inventory is UK.  I suppose the…[Read more]

  • Can someone help?  Clicked on links above, and get little starry deal with exclamation point in it.  What’s up with that?  Have been on the site for a couple of years,  Not seen this before…

    Thanks Neil Flaherty
  • Neil J Flaherty replied to the topic Battery life in the forum MP Lafer 10 years, 2 months ago

    Ricardo,  Couldn’t tell from your post what your vehicle is, but if it’s VW powered, your problem could be the pilot bushing for your starter motor.  This little “gremlin” is a bronze bushing pressed into the transmission case.  When all things are perfect obviously no problem, but the little rascals wear out in time.  When they are worn the arm…[Read more]

  • interested in the wheels,  Do you know what the source is?

  • To Larry Murphy, Mark Hendricson, Paul Mossberg
    I have a BCW/front engine chevette powered TD rep.  I made an attempt to remove the BCW emblem from the grille shell.  I drilled a clearance hole through the fiberglass behind the emblem, thinking there would be a nut I could access there, but it doesn’t look like it.  Do you have to remove the en…[Read more]

  • Edsnova
    Noticed on your photos of dash that you had chrome trim around the center dash cluster insert.  I think I used the same chrome trim on mine, but not happy with results on mine.  I have the same shape as the original, made from from some thin guage plastic, with pleather (vinyl) over-lay.  my corners are: some wrinkled, some pop out,and so…[Read more]

  • Ed
    Thanks for the heads up on the Chicane Videos.  Just makes you wish you’d been there.  What’s really depressing was knowing that I lived about 15 miles from Beverly Airport (Ma) in the late fifties, and lived in the Los Angeles are in the mid 60s. Too busy thinking about going to the drag strip. hmm…  Thanks again.    Neil Flaherty

  • edsnova wrote:
    The rear bumper on my BCW VW has a hole in the middle. There’s a bolt through it into a bracket.
    Looks like the originals have a center hole too.
    Just FYI
  • Hey Folks
    Just a quick note with the exception.  All you heros driving your new found toys home in the snow, rain, or with siezed engines.  Well, I saw my first MG in 1953.  I’ve never been the same since.  Dr. Cass gave me a ride around the block and I was done!  Never managed to own one though.  Well in 1985, I saw the BCW replica, which seems…[Read more]

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