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Titus Popa

  • I appreciate all you guys help. Im going to keep working on it and take all the advice which you guys have given me. I’ve started figuring stuff out on the wiring harness and hope to have it all complete by next weekend. I’ll keep you guys updated.Were would I be able to purchase the little badge on the front of the grill and also the emblem or…[Read more]

  • My e-mail address is Any pictures and information on what diagram you used to hook up the gauges and any other electrical connections would be greatly appreciated.I removed my tank and tried to install it the other way and it doesn’t fit. From what research I came up with I think I would be able to find a vw tank with the…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your reply.The car currently has all VDO gauges, but none of them work and they look old and warn, thats why I was thinking about replacing all of them.Im going to go to the local VW junk yard and see if I can find a tank with the filler on the opposite side to see if it would work.Here is a picture of what I am refering to, as you…[Read more]

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