• The pictures that are supposed to be with some of the postings do not show up. Where can I see what the badge will look like? I can pay by check, money order or PayPal. When can I get my badge?

  • Forgot to mention something. There should be a loop affair that attached to the back of the badge, so that it can be mounted onto the badge bar on the fron of our cars. Thanks, Vic

  • I vote for the second one. The green oval with the red car. It shows up the best. Have money in my payPal acct and ready to order. Vic

  • VicS replied to the topic Vic’s Toy in the forum TD Replicas 16 years, 11 months ago

    You can see a picture of this car after a difficult and delicate operation was done to remove the pickup, by going to Members Cars.

  • VicS replied to the topic Forum postings in the forum General Discussion 17 years ago

    Apparently, I didn’t make things clear. Yes, I did loose my message when I hit the Prieview button.
    The other thing I was trying to say is that when you go to the yahoo forum, all the messages are displayed with the subject matter stated on the subject line. No pressing of multiple buttons is required. To get to the messages on this site, you…[Read more]

  • Jimeh, as others have pointed out, the ’69 or later model VWs are preferred because of their IRS, however the earlier models, preferrably the ’67 and ’68 (with 12 volts systems) can be made very servicable and road worthy by adding a “camber compensator” to the rear end. These units are available from Empi, J C Whitney, CB Performance and many…[Read more]

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