• Well I guess the drama really is complete now.

    I thought about it and it didn’t take long to realize that I had plenty going on without this car so I stuck it on craigslist and watched it go down the road today.
    I have to say, I don’t feel much other than relief. I’m sure I’m done thinking I want a kit car.
    I was re-reading the other thread and saw…

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  • We had an auto swap meet here in town yesterday. I went there just to look around. There was a bunch of auto stuff there but I don’t really know yet exactly what I need or where to start, so I did just look around and didn’t buy anything. I did make an offer on a pair of horns that would have looked kind of cool. The seller didn’t bite though and…[Read more]

  • edsnova wrote:
    Here, btw, is 

    your steering wheel

    Where’s the wood?
    That looks pretty close. But it’s supposed to be 18″ isn’t it? Maybe that wouldn’t even fit inside the doors on the kit car.
    Yea those MWS wheels are way to sweet for me. About $2500 US. For that money I’d be tempted to blacksmith them myself and save money for pizza and a h…

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  • Yea there are a lot of other varying details too.

    The lower frame of the windshield and maybe the A&C windshield is arched slightly on the top (mine is dead flat)
    The bolt head locations
    The seam of the hood across the top
    There’s a slightly different flare shape on the leading end of the front fenders
    I did read through that other post as well.…

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  • By the way, if anybody can tell me for sure from the pictures ( whose kit I’ve got, then please let me know.

    Best I can figure from what I’ve found on the net, it’s an Eagle Coach Work kit from the ’80s I think.
    Here’s a brochure picture I found (comparison to a photo of my shell on the right):
    I’ve also found a few other…

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  • Getting ready to go out and wash the new money pit!Today I surfed a little for wire wheel information. Based on what I learned, it seems that I should skip trying to find a good deal on used ones due to the potential for several issues common to original wire wheels. Can be a pain at best and potentially dangerous. I figure I’ll just look for a…[Read more]

  • Well I did pick it up today. It’s not as complete as I thought (no gauges) but that doesn’t bother me.

    The condition isn’t as good as I would have liked, but it’s not bad enough to sour me on it. The car hasn’t been stored outdoors at least uncovered because the interior would be much worse. I don’t care too much about the interior itself as it’s…

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  • Well by this time Saturday I should be standing in front of a washed shell of a kit car. Yesterday I saw a set (4) of Austin Healy-sized wire knock-off style rims go on eBay for less than $200. It was just the rims though so no hubs or nuts. Looking at completed listings it looks like that’s not an uncommon price for a set of those kind of rims. I…[Read more]

  • Looks like I’m gonna go git it this Saturday. Rain is supposed to taper off to nothing mid-morning and I can rent a dolly for cheap enough that even if I decide against it for some reason, the dolly cost won’t hurt.

    Paul when I said the company doesn’t make this kit anymore, I just mean this particular one. They apparently still make other kits and…

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  • I talked to the seller. He is quite a talker – heard all kinds of details, some even about this kit. He’s a motorhead from way back and I heard a bunch of stuff about other projects he’s done before or in the middle of “getting around to” now. Nice guy.

    At the risk of counting chickens, sounds like I got it if I want it. Just have to settle on a…

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  • Thanks for the replies and support folks.

    I would have responded sooner but something was wrong with the server all of yesterday I think.

    Well, turns out this car was a Missouri title too. That’s three for three that I’ve checked into thus far, two of them being Kansas residents. This one sounded iffy at best too. The guy didn’t even know and had to…

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  • Vinny replied to the topic Why not? in the forum General Discussion 7 years ago

    Does it really need that second bedroom and hallway? Sometimes it’s nice to have a separate room to work on smaller assemblies and stuff.

  • Vinny replied to the topic Are kits still available? in the forum VW Based Kits 7 years ago

    I’ve noticed that if you plug the word “prototype” into a description, you’re apparently free to triple the price, hehe. Yea those look like fine specimens, but the cost is awfully pricey.

    Actually Roy, your estimates seem realistic to me. I’m sure a guy can search and scrounge and greatly reduce the costs, but to throw money at it for expedience…

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  • Vinny replied to the topic Heaven and Hell in the forum General Discussion 7 years ago

    I imagine that the Brits out there are happy there’s a country with a worse reputation for mechanics.

    It would be depressing to be noted twice on the “hell” list.
  • You have to laugh…
    I just talked with the Jaguar owner and it, too, is a Missouri title. The reason is he has a business in MO and he ran into so much problem getting the title transferred in Kansas that he instead did it in MO (transfer fro Colorado).
    Also, he’s asking $12K and I just don’t see me going there. If I had it in savings or something…

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  • The Jaguar is described to be an X-100, so kind of similar to the TD body style I love so much. Very neat looking car as well. It is built on a Ford 4cyl base. (Pinto?)

    It’s small multitudes more expensive than the MiGi I lost (which would have been $3500 by the way – conceive my disappointment ! ). But it may be a reasonable price for what it is,…

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  • I can see why you went there but I didn’t go on about all the details I had to figure out because it’s a long, boring list (because I didn’t know for sure already – somebody who did would have found it much easier no doubt). Also, describing the complete drama would just be me venting as the saga is closed now anyway.

    So just FYI. Yes I did  look…

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  • Hi John.

    I’m in Kansas City, not North Carolina. But now that you’ve made me point that out I have to ask myself why!! Visited NC a while back and I loved that area.

    Maybe I should just spell my location out instead of using the local abbreviation. I can see how I wasn’t very descriptive there.
    Thanks for the welcome.
    edit to add: Profile now reads…

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