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  • Mark

    You may want to do some research before installing your new module. I run a Mallory “Unilite” electronic ignition module and if you don’t hookup the “+” and “-” wires from the coil correctly you immediately burn the module; I learned that hard (and expensive) way. In my case my Bosch coil is marked as  “1” and “15”. instead of “+” and “-” a…

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  • calafer replied to the topic Battery life in the forum MP Lafer 6 years, 11 months ago

    Thanks for all your input guys!  

    I charged the old battery and took it to be load tested and sure enough it wasn’t holding the load, so now at least i don’t feel bad about replacing it.  I had replaced it for the same reasons given by Ringo,  its easier to replace it in my garage than somewhere out on the road.
    Hopefully between the new battery an…

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  • calafer replied to the topic San Diego in the forum TD Replicas 6 years, 11 months ago

    I’ll sign in as  #1 from San Diego .. any more out there?

  • Hi Rocky,

    Although my car is a Lafer it seems that my tank is similar to the one described by Paul. It is aprox. 11″ tall and the filler sits inside the front trunk.  I made a strap for it but ended up running the single strap from front to back instead of side to side as described by Paul.
    I spray painted the tank and then added several layers of…

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  • calafer replied to the topic Forum Software License Fee in the forum Site Input 7 years ago

    Just sent via PayPal.

  • calafer replied to the topic mp lafer in the forum MP Lafer 7 years ago

    Welcome aboard Allan and as Bill mentioned always a pleasure to know of
    another Lafer owner out there..

  • I’m 52 and bought my Lafer in late 2007..

  • To give you an idea of pricing I’m attaching a copy of my original email confirming the items that I ordered
    from Eduardo along with their prices.

    The prices are in U.S. dollars and the coma (“,” ) is used as the decimal in Brazil so to give you an example
    from my order all the rubber seals marked in red in the parts pages cost a total of $154.00…[Read more]

  • There is a brazilian website called mercodolivre where they advertise many
    Lafer parts include some wheels in case anyone wants to see what’s out


  • calafer replied to the topic Ride! in the forum General Discussion 7 years, 2 months ago

    To Bill (Gould) and any other Lafer owners out there, try driving your car with
    all six side windows in place and raised, the difference is very noticeable. In
    my case it went from my eardrums hurting because of the wind turbulence at
    45mph without the windows to cruising at 65-70 on the freeway and being
    able to have a conversation with my wife…[Read more]

  • Ed,

    Here is a picture of the old exhaust, and you’re right it was visible under the valance . . . . .

  • Ed,

    I’m not sure how much space you have under your truncated rear valance but these two exhaust systems fit
    under the Lafer rear valance.

    The engine on the right was my old 1600 single port while the one left was a new 1968c.c. dual port, dual carb
    with the A-1 Sidewinder exhaust.

    I decided to use the Sidewinder on the new engine because…[Read more]

  • MP Lafer (VW Based, made in Brazil)

    MP Lafers for the U.S. market were sold as a complete car with the pre-assembled body manufactured in Brazil and mated to a U.S. registered used VW
    donor car. Assembly was done by MP Lafer authorized distributors.

    Windshield – Folding windshield specific to MP Lafer. Front vent windows need to be pulled…[Read more]

  • My understanding regarding the “MP” is that it comes from name the
    company which made these cars in Brazil:

    M?veis Patenteados Lafer S/A hence “MP Lafer
    (which translates to Lafer Patented Furniture )

       The lafers were made by Mr. Percival Lafer from Brazil whom after taking
    over the family furniture business decided to venture into the au…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the link Paul!! I wasn’t aware of those photos.

  • I ordered a product of the internet used to coat the inside of pick truck beds,
    its called “Grizzly Grip” . I liked it because you can brush or roller it it on
    and as it dries in expands a little bit and creates a texture that covers the
    brush and rollers marks. I ended up coating all the front trunk area and
    passenger area after bolting down…[Read more]

  • My original Lafer gauges had clear plastic covers that were scratched and dull and the chrome was
    pitted and rusty. I purchased replacement glass and bezels from a company called North
    Hollywood Speedometer (www.nhspeedometer.com). I was only able to find replacement glass and
    bezels for the 5 smaller gauges so I ended up using the old bezels and…[Read more]

  • The ride height looks good Ed!!

    You might want to make sure that the original shocks aren’t bottoming out half way thru
    your suspension travel. I imagine I set my ride height similar to yours since we both had
    the same type of issues. In my case the “shorty” shocks keep me from getting complete
    extension but the normal shocks bottom out…[Read more]

  • The gauges are actually VDO gauges made in Brazil specifically for the MP
    Lafers. The ones in my car were fairly beat up so I bought new front
    glasses (originals were plastic except the speedo and tach) and bezels. I
    disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the gauges with the new

    Original gauges…

    After rebuilding them……

    The…[Read more]

  • I ran into the same problem while adjusting the ride height on my car.  After inital setup I decided it was too low so I decided to move both adjusters to a “higher” position. No problem moving the lower one but when I tried moving the upper adjuster I ran into the same issue you are describing. In my case the new “shortened shocks” I was using we…[Read more]

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