Mark Radzin

  • Thanks for the replies (FWIW I know New Bern well— my kids go to Camps Seagull/Seafarer).

    The CT inspection process was simply more than I could deal with, luckily I found out that cars titled in-state require NO inspection… you simply bring the paperwork to the DMV and everything is easy.

    so I started looking for a car in CT, which limited m…[Read more]

  • Hi, new member here in Connecticut.

    Not a current owner of a TD replica, but seeking one, as I fell in love with them the first time I drove one.

    On that note, does anyone have experience registering one of these in CT? I’m sure it’s possible, but I’m not able to readily get information from the DMV. They have a VERY stringent and diffi…[Read more]

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