2005 Carlisle Import/Kit Car Show

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Sounds awesome,

Mechanicsburg, PA. ( I lived their one summer after my dad graduated college)

Beaufort, SC ( we used to road trip down that way when I lived in VA).

  Where are the Pics?  I know you took some!!!!

   This past weekend, our local VW Club had a car show here in Belleville. Roxie took 1st   in the special interest category ( no kit car category) and my 81 Vanagon Camper took 2nd in the 78 and up type II category. That makes two car show and two 1st place trophies.  Roxie actually beat out a Bug Limo that was, in my opinion, immaculate. We drew a lot of attention, even had one fellow pull in just to ask me about Roxie because he had a friend the owned a real TD but rolled it a few years back. He said her heath is getting better and really wants another one but they are way expensive so he?s looking into the replicas.

We had a good time, got a little too much sun but non the less good time.