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Mark Hendrickson


Tyler and I will be leaving early (oh-dark-thirty) on Saturday. We have a slight detour to make (Lititz, PA) on the way out. I am looking at an ’88 GMC Suburban a private party is selling.

Due to the divorce settlement hosing I got on 02 May, my ’03 Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up is For Sale. I’m looking for an “under $3,000 Suburban” to replace it. I still need a tow vehicle/car parts hauler for my trailer. The Dodge is paid for and has too much equity in it to just sit in my driveway. I’ve been driving my base model PT Cruiser as a regular driver since the gas prices went nuts last year. The Dodge was not a feaseable daily driver once gasoline hit $2.25 a gallon. At $2.80 a gallon it’s over $100 to fill it up once a week if I use it as a daily driver. The PT is less than half that.

The weather report for Carlisle on Saturday seems to have improved slightly according to too.