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William J Collins


 I am ready to order the Badges and I am told that the it would take six to eight weeks for completion and shipped…Only thing to have all agree on is the letters “USA”or would “WorldWide Members” be better as we have a few members in other countries..And Colors…I was thinking of RED  around the edge a YELLOW background behind the Car and a GREEN car and BLACK Lettering…Badges come with a stud and nut to attach to the car grill

AND most important who really wants one …Being I’m the Elected chairmen (By Frank) well actully I volunteered….I figure I,’m laying out the front money and will be responsible for the balance  some 4-5 hundred.First order of minimum 25 badges .Everyone that wants a Badge send me via Paypal a ten dollar deposit and the rest when the Badges are received..I will ship them out by Priorty Mail…so it’s $10 to order one and $15 shipped…total $25.00 per Badge…If there is any money left over ..Either be refunded or sent to Frank to help pay for the website…Ok Guys the ball is in your court…My Paypal address is my Email address