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Paul Mossberg


I think it’ll look OK after a careful trim job.

How much space between the grill cut out and the front of the body-work? And what does the front of the bodywork (I guess outside the front of the trunk) look like?

If it is not straight up and down (parallel to the grill shell) I suggest you create a false back for the cut out.

However you mount the slats, you’ll want some space between the slats and whatever is behind them (the false back or front of the car’s bodywork)

And you should paint the front of the body work (or the false back) matte black to give the appearance of a radiator behind the slats.

This will sound crazy…but I’ve found the best matte black paint for making a surface “disappear” is hi-temp, matte black bar-b-q grill paint.

Yes, you read that right.

I first used it on the recessed portions of all the emblems and letters on my 65 Plymouth Satellite. Came out perfect.

So I use it to paint all the lower bodywork on my Duchess TD (the bodywork under the front fenders, the fiberglass that is on top of the VW pan and the under-fender portions of the front sides). Makes the bodywork disappear.

You want matte, not flat. The flat is to fake looking.


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