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Thanks Paul, very inventive! Your TD wheel covers look great, much better than the blue light specials everyone else seems to run. I checked out the Grant page and they do have some wheels that are at least evocative of the TD era. Now how about adapting a windshield washer into a little oil dispenser that makes a small puddle under the front of the car when a button is pushed, for the authentic english car experience!  

Cars owned by myself or my dad along the way; Z3 replica on Miata, Riley Elf, 61 Sunbeam Alpine, 1957 oval VW Right Hand Drive w/semaphores and roller bar (if you see one I bet it was mine…), 72 Fiat 850 Spyder, 57 Ford Skyliner, two 450 SL roadsters 20 years apart (both xpensive junk), etc, etc…