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Sage advice. Just not sure I can do the torsion bars without messing them up but does seem fairly simple from what I’ve read. There’s also the coil spring over shock absorbers, which appear to be adjusted at least possible preload.

My tires are going on 8 years old according to their imprinted date, so those will need replacement sooner than later, and I believe I had already put the pressures down to 18 front and 24 in the back. Was reading about that here before otherwise they’d still be about 32! Need to double check the PSI to be sure what I have them at.
I plan to get it aligned someplace, although I could probably check it using a crude method.
I think the camber is probably way too far into the negative because it doesn’t look far different from your text description using the / and . Just really seems too much to me. I expected it to be barely noticeable but instead has the look of a tremendous weight pressing the front end down.
The suspension is definitely questionable as it is now, likewise the steering, so I want those checked same time I get it aligned. Well, before, in case it needs new parts first.
Really appreciate the help you’ve all been with this! Thanks.