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Titus Popa


Thank you for your reply.
The car currently has all VDO gauges, but none of them work and they look old and warn, thats why I was thinking about replacing all of them.

Im going to go to the local VW junk yard and see if I can find a tank with the filler on the opposite side to see if it would work.
Here is a picture of what I am refering to, as you can see this owner has his filler on the passanger side, I have mine on the drivers.

I forgot another questions I had.

What kind of swtiches do you guys have and were would I be able to purchase them? I need a switch for headlights as well as signals. I would like some kind of old fashioned switches instead of the modern styles.
Here is a picture of what kind of switches I have, but some are missing knobs and I would like to purchase new ones.

Is the turn signal switch suppose to be one for both sides or each side have its own? And is it a intermediate switch?