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Paul Mossberg


Here’s the single on-off in the style I think you want:

And here is a three stage for the running lights, headlights &ProdID=630

Same switch style. But I could not find both switches on one seller web site.

I assuem your dash has a switch for the turn signals? You turn one way for left, other way for right? I’m not sure where to find that sort of switch. My turn signals are wired to the VW steering column lever.

Of couse you can go freakin’ nuts and buy teh $150 Moss Motors reproduciotn turn signal switch at D=32980#top

And you still have to buy the handle for another $13!!!

I bet you can go into any large auto supply store, like Pep-Boys or Auto Zone and find the switches you are lookign for.

Paul Mossberg
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