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Unfortunately many replicar companies cut corners using parts

such as the lights that were not authentic MGTD. I do not want

to be critical of any of the other kits, since beauty is truly in the

eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to a car that you

built yourself and put your heart and soul into.   Rather, I would

recommend that you find a British Coach Works car like I have

if you are looking for authenticity. BCW made both front and

rear engine kits. The fiberglass parts were of exceptional

quality and came from the factory trimmed and predrilled.

Practically all the accesory/trim parts on the car, other than the

fiberglass body panels, were original MGTD parts purchased

from Moss motors, a supplier of replacement TD parts.   BCW

used the following original TD parts, windshield, front and rear

lights, bumpers, fender mirrors, license lamp, door handles,

hood support, door hinges, grill, rubber trim, and others.

Original TD body panels were used to make all the body molds

used for the fiberglass. BCW’s also have a real spare tire

unlike some kits.

The BCW company prided itself on making an authentic TD kit.

My father and I choose to build a BCW over other kits 20 years

ago because of this, and I feel that it was an extremely honest

advertisement. If I were to do it all over again, I would chose

BCW again, albeit I would probably build a front engine model

instead. Hope that helps.