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Mark Hendrickson


Bill…Do you already have a title? Are you just getting plates and insurance? Your regular driver insurance company will probably not insure this car. You will require a “specialty” insurance company like Hagerty, J.C. Taylor, Condon & Skelly, etc., like the companies that insure classic cars and streetrods.

If you have nothing for paperwork, you have a long road to get this thing titled, registered, insured and on the road. I think in NY you must at least have a certificate of origin (Sales Receipt) and the title/s of the donor car/s.

There are other ways to get it titled.

We have several New Jersey Replicar Club members in NY that should get you started if titling it as a NY reconstructed vehicle is the route you are taking. Your state DMV surely has a set of guidelines and a pre-title inspection process. NJ does.

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