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You actually read the entire Rules   and I was thinking they were a waste of my time. Actually in my rush to get the forums up and running for everyone, I took a shortcut by copying the rules from another popular forum that I use regularly. I edited it for my use but somehow over looked that part . But have no fear. This forum is equipped with a language filter. For example, if were to type sh*t  (keep in mind that I did type it correctly) the system will automatically edit the word. This is true about most common slang vulgarities. I can have the system edit or replace with all ****’s.

I also encourage everyone to use the REPORT button located at the top of every post. By clicking this button a email will be sent to the Administrators (myself and my lovely girlfriend Sarah) and one of will review the posting. If we deem it to be offensive or inappropriate, it will be deleted. Keep in mind that the language filter relies on a database of words to look for. There maybe time when offensive words get posted and if they are reported, the admins will update the word filter to filter any new words.

And yes, I have updated the rules posting.