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Hi all,

On my BCW rather than moving the bench seat back and forth,

which would be uncomfortable because the steering wheel

would be to close to the driver?s chest, I made pedal extenders

for shorter drivers to use. The extenders bolt onto the clutch

and brake pedals. The accelerator seemed to be all right for

everyone. The extenders work well except that they take a

couple of minutes to put on and they have to be taken off before

I can drive. They also beat up my pedal pads, although with a

simple design change I could resolve that problem.

I have been toying with the idea of going to a fully hydraulic

pedal assembly (clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals).

Performance VW shops like Bugstuff and CB Performance

carry hydraulic pedal assemblies for dune buggies. With the

hydraulic assemblies, pressing on the pedal actuates a piston

behind the pedal creating pressure in a line running to a slave

cylinder that turns that pressure into movement, just as in any

braking system. With the use of flexible hoses at the pedals (to

connect them to the steel lines) and a pedal track mounting

system, all three pedals could be easily relocated for different

drivers. Performance shops also carry track systems for

mounting the pedals to the floor pan.