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Thanks to everyone who have and are donating.

  As some, or most of you may know, I sold my MGTD some time ago and still miss her dearly.

  In 2002 when I purchased “Roxie”, the only resource for info on these cars was the yahoo group. While this was a great way to exchange information, I saw more of a need to have personal place and way to post the manuals and other info and that is how was born.

   Even though I no longer own the car and rarely have time to update the site, you, the users, keep it going and I see no reason not too keep it going. I will continue to keep it going. The cost hasn’t been a burden on me or the family and I don’t mind paying the cost. I’m no way going to, now or ever, “REQUIRE” anyone to pay for this service and I refuse to take paid advertisement fees in exchange for ads on this site. We get enough adverting ever where else and don’t need anymore here. I founded this site on the idea of sharing and passing on our passion with out cost. ( please see the Membership page)

  All of this being said, I greatly appreciate all donations and will apply every penny to the growth of our hobby.

  I’m will be checking on the PayPal link to ensure it’s work correctly and checks are always welcome but please make them payable to me  Frank Devine as checks made out to TDReplica require a business account in that name to be deposited. A second account and it’s associated fees would further increase our costs. My wife, the accountant, keeps close tabs on our finances and graciously volunteers to keep separate books for my hobbies so I know exactly how much is in each associated fund.

  Again, thank you to everyone for a great five years!!!!   Here’s too another great five years!!!!!!!!!!!!!