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$100 "Ols School or $1,000 Dual 40 Webers?

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    John Richardson


    Has anybody running the Edlebrock “Bug Spray” intake had a problem with wrench access to the rear right hand bolt? Originally mounted the carb to the intake when I installed it, now, with “Mrs. Peel” actually starting (but leaking gas) I decided to rebuild the carb. With the intake on the engine that last bolt was a Bear to remove, the generator is in the way and the port runner needs a relief built in for wrench access. Going to rebuild the carb today then I am going to put an Allen head bolt on the right rear mount hole when I mount the rebuilt carb. Sitting cross-legged on the garage floor and reaching to work on the carb is bad for my back, it wants to go out easily (which is why I’m selling my sailboat- 1978 Catalina 27 for sale in San Diego $4,000). YouTube has some excellent “Bug Spray” rebuild videos.



    Anyone who does not have trouble with the rear right hand bolt, as you describe, does not really have a Holley Bug Spray. 

    An Allen head bolt will help. 

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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