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John Richardson

  • Sow’s Ear continued: (fat fingered off the post). Anyway the eBay winning Best Offer wanted to back out when I told him (keep your big mouth shut) it would need a minor weld for the transmission mount nose bracket to the torsion tube, so I just said “Whats your best offer” so I took a $651.00 loss. She’s gone and I’m happy, hope he and his son’s…[Read more]

  • Fellow Club members,

    Thanx, for the replies and concern. Yes, The “Sows Ear” is gone, the guy who had the eBay “Winning Bid” tried to back when he learned it would take a minor weld for the t

  • I have been working on and off for 3 years on the “Sows Ear”,  she stretched my patience (and wallet) until it was time to absorb my losses and sell her to someone with a fresh perspective (and wallet). The thing with spending so much resurrecting a piece of junk into something resembling a nice car has been an experience I do not want to ever do…[Read more]

  • Dbanta,Can you post a copy of wiring diagram in message to me? The version you posted on the website comes up too blurry to use.Thanx,Prisoner #6

  • Just found out one of the reasons my fuse would pop was the turn signal switch was not correctly wired right! The wipers would work fine by themselves, a year later wiring them into a switch was a whole ‘nother story. There is a difference in early and late VW switch numbers stamped into the switch. Hot wire, ground, low speed and high speed  had…[Read more]

  • I tried using a new main harness (engine to dash) from EMPI but should have purchased the FULL harness. I purchased some junk wiring harness from the local VW parts supplier but it drove me nuts trying to follow various VW wiring diagrams. Finally gave up in disgust and ordered the “Plug and Play” dune buggy wiring harness from Dune Buggy Brothers…[Read more]

  • Has anybody running the Edlebrock “Bug Spray” intake had a problem with wrench access to the rear right hand bolt? Originally mounted the carb to the intake when I installed it, now, with “Mrs. Peel” actually starting (but leaking gas) I decided to rebuild the carb. With the intake on the engine that last bolt was a Bear to remove, the generator…[Read more]

  • The Miramar Auto Hobby Shop opens at 1200 weekdays but I got in at 1100 Wednesday. The rain soaked carpet dried out nicely so I fixed few things while my back cooperated.  Last year I inadvertently trapped the positive battery lead under the right door jamb and was unable to run the new “plug & play” wiring harness  under the left jamb. I u…[Read more]

  • If you can get to San Diego, CA stop by Kline Bros. VW repair in El Cajon, CA (closer to Lakeside). They have a couple of milk crates full of VW speedo’s and parts for sale CHEAP (along with other crates of other stuff, new engines and tranny and all EMPI  and other parts). Over the years (3) I have found them all to be good guys. Be warned: this…[Read more]

  • A Porsche 914 electronic tach is identical in size to the VW speedo. I got mine on eBay 2 years ago for  under $100. There’s one in a derelict 914 in the Miramar Auto Hobby shop, Ray might sell it.

  • Just think, last year someone smart could have picked up a mechanically new ALL NEW ZERO miles on engine/trans everything else VW MGTD for $1,500! Glad no one jumped on it. I’ll never recoup the $3000 a year storage ($9000 total) but hey it’s ONLY money!

  • EmbarrassedIt’s Mrs. Emma Peel You Twit! Yes, Diana you are sooo right! It must have been the thought of you in the leather catsuit and your metallic blue Lotus Elan, both are quite exceptional!Sorry, JohnBut I did pick up today a set a new tar boards (floor insulation) and a rear engine tin to splash apron rubber gasket to keep the cooling engine air in.…[Read more]

  • 🙂 Well, I sold the Cheetah Roadster body in June 2015 to a Cheetah racer from the Chicago area, however to do this(I agreed to deliver the Cheetah from San Diego to Chicago area, which I did in 4 days) I had to buy a new truck as the transmission in my Ranger went out just before I left and I just got laid off from my job. A new (2007 anyway)…[Read more]

  • Here are the photos as of two weeks ago, I just bought a Cheetah roadster kit body and am thinking of (may I be permitted sacrilege: Putting it on the VW chassis)! After all it is about the same dimensions as a dune buggy, sits very low and a rear engine Cheetah MIGHT be kinda neat!

  • I liked the size of the stock VW speedo but also wanted a similar sized tach. Picked up a decal from the ’50s or ’60s with gear shift points, got a good used speedo but after spraying over the MPH numbers on the face and applying the decal on the glass face it didn’t look so hot. E Bay searches didn’t find anything cheap until December when I…[Read more]

  • Mike,

    I’m having the same problem, missing the brackets entirely. I’m a little confused, the lower bracket from trans tubes with 2 U-bolts makes sense which I’ve attached. What is the cross bracket width 32 inches or 42 inches? So it appears the 2 support brackets (43 inch) from front to back end with the bumper mounts go to the lower support.…

    [Read more]

  • I went through two sets of VW front seats, Ghias are too wide along with stock Bug seats. Where I work there are a lot of different golf type carts and John Deere Gators. The best I’ve seen are Columbia Eagle seats but finding some cheap is hard if not impossible to do. Finally saw the JD “Gator” seats which have flip forward and NARROW sliding…[Read more]

  • Being new to the TD replica scene, I though the safe and intelligent thing would be to use original WV Bug seats. No one told me (at least I couldn’t find an answer on the Internet) that you cant use stock seats due to the rear seat width (tunnel flares out) is narrower than the front. The first set I bought from the VW junkyard in El Cajon I…[Read more]

  • I just picked up a louvered firewall. I am doing a body off reassembly and have not yet installed the rebuilt engine. The trans-axle, driveshafts and wheels are installed. Does the louvered firewall go behind the dome of the transaxle or over it? The Big Question: Should I be using the lovered firewall? Sure looks good.

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