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    Bill Stuck


    I am trying to varify that I have all of the parts before I get too deep and then have to stop and buy a part. The partially completed MGTD (Chevette) kit that I bought has gone through at least 3 previous contributors to the build — but there is only one part of a packing /shipping list –and it is for the hinges and small things  it is  “BOX A  TD, Ford, Chevy & 84 TD” it is hand dated “2-28/86” packed by JC?? or JE.

    If anyone has a more complete list of parts that would be great.

    The chassis is part of the Chevette kit — but may not be on some of the others.

    You can call me at  850 240 0941.

    Thanks, Bill

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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