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    Steve Crites


    Good idea Paul!

    Arkansas has fairly simple registration requirements.

    There are no inspections, no sniff tests, no nothing as far as the vehicle itself goes.  You must have proof of liability insurance and the  insurance company may, depending on type of car, age, etc.,  inspect or require independent inspection before issuing a policy.  I’ve heard of an independent inspection required only once, but that was on a homemade RV!

    You then must have the car assessed and pay personal tax on the car and be up to date on any other personal property tax that you may owe.

    Particulars on the VIN requirements such as salvage, lost title, change of title, etc are found here

    Or snail mail

    Department of Finance and Administration,

    Office of Motor Vehicle

    P O Box 3153,

    Little Rock, AR 72203-3153

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