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       Found soft Aluminum angle to be used on my glove box. It is counter trim about 3/16 x 3/4 inches. Was found at a local 3 generation Ace Hardware store. 12 Dollars and some change for it. Comes pre drilled and with attaching screws. Hardware stores and boat supply houses are places to look for items we need on these cars.



    Do you have a brand name or a manufacturer for the product. We do not have Ace hardware stores in Canada. I am replacing my dash and could use the product you have described to finish the edge

    David B Dixon
    Port Perry ON CA



    Thanks for sharing. 
    I took out my not functioning radio, made a wooden box to fill in the hole and finished it with a stained oval wooden door.
    I used some chrome trim around the edge, but am not totally satisfied with how it looks.
    Now have a usable (if small) glove box like the originals.
    I’ll check at my local DIY for your solution.

    Amor Conquista Todo

    john barry


    pm edsnova  he had a good source of very flexible chrome trim for the  glove box 


    Dave: Material made in Canada for Ace Hardware. No company listed. It is counter edging should b able to find there in Canada.



    Don’t know if this is the stuff that you are talking about but

    Cowles Products Company, New Haven, Ct makes and sells something called “Custom Chrome” which is flexible and comes with a peel off 3M adhesive back.  Good stuff.  Seems to age well.  The 1/8″ stuff will bend around a 1″ radius nicely.  Bright chrome look, even though it is plastic. 

    edward ericson


    I like that idea. Please post photos.

    I have some very old TD original dash trim on mine. I like the worn out brass look but I’m sure it’s not everyone’s favorite beverage. For the top piece I used the thinnest stick-on chrome moulding from one of the usual supply houses. Very nice flexible stuff, looks the part and sticks great, but lacks that fold-over effect the original–and apparently this counter trim–has. 
    Eager to see how that stuff performs.
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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