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    Russell Boulanger


    took TD on first trip about 2 1/2 hours out mostly highway soon as I started going over 65 the temp went up to 220 backed down to 55 and it stayed just under 200. this kit is a Chevette MIGI built in the early 80’s the seat was not fun at all I came back on secondary roads I had to stop for a butt rest the next project is to change the foam and add a gell insert I road my Harley 8-900 miles a day mulitple times and never felt this bad i had a gell insert put in it it was great on trips I’m hoping it works on the TD


    edward ericson


    Glad you got out, Russ. Hope the gel works for the seats. Be sure to let us know. Wondering about your medium speed overheating issue. Anyone else experience that with their Chevette-based car?

    Dan Rosa


      Hi Russ I have a chevette kit also the over heating a quick fix the fan is to far from the radiator i used a plastic bucket cut to make a fan shroud that ended the over heating now it never hits over 200 degrees even on a hot Tennessee summer day ,,as for the seat you have , cut the back of the seat bottom ,the fiber glass box  ,to 3.5 inches off the floor at the back and leave the front at stock height the angle will make the ride more like a GM bucket seat angle, lowering the seat height  in the rear also improves your head height with the top up  you mite not need a jell insert  .see you only  thought you were an iron butt , Do you still ride? my Dyna has it’s place in the garage next to the TD .

    Mark Hendrickson


    Dan R hit the nail on the head…these cars need a fan shroud.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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