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    Before I removed the old pans I took what measurements I could.  It was kind of tough since there wasn’t much left of the pans.

    I also took several measurements from the body to make sure the bolt holes lined up with the new floor pan.  Almost perfect!!

    Then I put the pans in place to fit them.  I had to do a little hammering to get new floor pans to fit and line up with an old frame but it was nothing major.

    I had drilled weld holes every 6 inches and then grinded down the lip on the frame so we’d have clean metal to weld to.

    Once everything was dry fit and all the measurements were correct it was time to tack weld  it in place.

    Here’s the full progression from when we started through today.

    Now I can start actually putting the thing back together.  Although I don’t think my pace will pick up any.

    Peter C. King



    You are my kind of crazy.

    Paul Allain


    Amazing transformation.  Great job.

    edward ericson


    excellent work! Congrats.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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