• So it finally stopped raining and I’m back in town so I took her out yesterday to see how the steering was after my adjustments.On the positive side, there is almost no play!!  Perfect.On the downside, I tightened the worm screw too much and overall the steering is too tight and does not return to center.One more adjustment and I should be…[Read more]

  • Well, I got the carpet done in the Benz and finally was able to do the steering box access job for the MG.After removing the steering arm bolt, the bolts to the steering column, and the steering box clamp the steering box easily rotated forward and came out.As I suspected the adjustment screw was rubbing through the fiberglass from underneath. …[Read more]

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    Rick Mullins in Clearwater Florida

  • Sam, It was great to meet you and chat over a drink.  And yes you spelled my wife’s name correctly…thanks.Always good to hook up with another cult member.  And thanks for the kind words.  Still some work to do but at least I’m on the road.We went to grab a burger after you left and came back to a couple of young girls who had taken their pi…[Read more]

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    welcome and enjoy the ride….the car and the new friends you’ll make on this site.

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    Welcome Fred, you’ll love that car.

  • Sam, what Kent found at O’Reilly’s is that same stuff I found at Walmart.  

  • Well, I think it’s time to call the build season to a formal close.I started the project on September 2, 2011 and officially ended it when I registered it and got plates on March 22, 2013.  568 days…or…1 year 6 months 20 days.I remember telling my wife that I should be done in about 6 months.  How naive.  She was so patient and even acted in…[Read more]

  • Had a great time at the unveiling!  The Tavern blocked their small little parking lot and I parked in front.  It was right off main street and folks strolled by oooing and aaawwing all night.  I even had a Lincoln dealer stop by who went on about how great it looked.That little car sure gets lots of attention.Now more confidence mi…[Read more]

  • Sorry guys..I’m referring to the rocker arm.  I guess I spent a little too much time in the garage and typed my note before getting enough carbs in me.Roy, I think what you described is exactly the problem.  I will set some time to do the repair.Otherwise it’s running great..or at least I think it is.  Since I’ve never had a VW before I don’t re…[Read more]

  • Valve adjustment done…retouched the timing…running with pep.However, I now hear a “pecking” sound in the engine.  I had one lifter that was loose and very slightly slide back and forth so I’m assuming that’s what it is.  Should I be concerned?I think I’ve gotten everything as tuned in as I can so I’m putting some confidence miles on her and w…[Read more]

  • Reset the points and advanced the timing slightly and BAM…the car now has punch.I still need to do the valve adjustment and tune in the carb and that, along with the new muffler, should put me in the fast lane….literally.Zipped around my small town back roads and I’m loving this car!  Cannot wait for my first road trip.

  • Roy, thanks for catching my error.  You are correct and that’s what I meant to say…it is running too rich.I checked the distributor and the points last night.  Made a  slight adjustment on the points and the distributor was fine. I will check/set the timing tonight and do the valve adjustment before/by the weekend.  Then I will see if I sti…[Read more]

  • Kent,  I have heard the same thing about the weber carbs.  I think I have a guy in town who can help me properly dial it in and I’m going to give him a call today.But to Ed’s point I will focus on the timing and spark first.  I’ve confirmed spark at the plug but and getting black carbon deposits on all 4.  Indicative of the mix being too lea…[Read more]

  • Allen, great input.  I’m running a 32/36 weber with a centrifugal distributor.  Any experience or suggestions with that set up?

  • So I’m in the “ready for road trip” tuning phase and am having some trouble.I confess I have not yet progressively moved through all the steps but I thought before I start wrenching stuff and adjusting screws I would get some input from those more experienced with the VW engine.It starts great, idles great (a little lean), and kicks off in first…[Read more]

  • mrlmd, my plan was to use baby moons.I painted them with a basic silver/chrome wheel paint that I bought at Walmart.  My long term plan is to buy nice new steel rims but I kinda over shot my budget on the build process so some of my bling will have to wait. So for now, painted rims will just have to do.

  • Sam,  in order to stage the instrument panel and rewire everything (at that phase of the build) I built a temporary dash out of MDF board.  When I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted for the finished dash I simply did some detailed sanding and cutting on the template and made it my temporary solution until I could pick a direction and build w…[Read more]

  • AAAAAAnnnndd…there it is.Legal and road ready.Now some prove-in time, some more buffing, a little more bling (fix the carpet) and road trip here I come.

  • I’m doing all my final checks and decided 4 inches of play in my steering wheel was a little too much to risk. So, after trying to tighten it up and having no success, I ordered a new box and put it in last night.  Much better.I had the generator pulley woodriff key sheer off and decided to order a new pulley, new woodriff key (OEM) and all new s…[Read more]

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