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Florida Car Show?

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    Hey all my wife is the marketing director of an art gallery here in Dunedin Florida and she is planning a car and art show on April 21.

    I told her I’d extend an invitation to anyone on the forum who wanted to come.  So if you’re in Florida around the Tampa area and want to show off your car and meet some fellow car folks (and me) drop me a line and I’ll give you the details.

    I’m really hoping to have my ride 80% done by then but I’m not sure I’ll make it so I may be there just for the conversation.

    Anyway, let me know.

    Mel Zeiger


    Wish I could but I am committed to another show on that date.  I wish her and her show much success we will never have to many car show

    Mark Konrad


    I would like to come, but I’d have to find a way the trailer my TD.  I don’t like drivng my Td on busy expressways etc. and I would have to either take  I 4 or 275 to get to you.  

    I’ll see if I can work something out and let you know later.



    Mark, search “towing” you will see that if you buy a VW specific tow bar (about $100 new) and some portable trailering lights (I got mine from U-Haul) you will have made the best $125+/- investment in your TD ever.  Unless you are towing with a Yugo, you won’t even know it is back there.  The only “trick” is that you can’t back up.  I too do not driving MiGi at super speeds on super highways with the big rigs and buffeting winds.  I’m gonna tow MiGi 1000 miles to Carlisle and back and may tow another 1500 miles later this year to NY family reunion. 

    Mark Konrad


    Thanks Roy had not thought about that.  I have several VW Club friends here that can fix me up with both.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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