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    Lee Truman


    These are much like what is you see as clearence lights on truck cabs,  Hella  EI  22725 R6    BL 365 

    I can’t find them any where.  Does any one know what can be used on a MG 52 for front fender turn signal lights? 

    Lee Truman

    Larry Murphy


     Lee,  Moss Motors and MG Magic  both have the original type replacements. I think they are about $100. ea at Moss Motors and about $80. at MG Magic.

    Dan Rosa


      Lee go to ebay motors parts and type in mg td there always n.o.s.  or used lights and new,, listings  keep coming out so  keep looking I think MG magic has them 945 680 2010  Good Luck Dan R

    Scott A Chynoweth


    Lee another one on ebay,type in buffalo slimlight,around 35 a pair.Look real close to originals.My only beef is I contacted the seller through email about the size and function,single or dual filament bulbs,and no responce.Guess I should have called the toll free number.Just running the vw lights for now.

    Paul Mossberg



    The “buffalo slimlight” will not look correct when mounted. They appear to be on a post, which will sit them up on the fender. The correct style have a flat bottom and mount flush with the fender top.

    If you don’t want to go the pricey Moss Motors route, I suggest you wait it out. A pair will turn up on ebay eventually,

    Paul Mossberg
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    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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