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    Neil J Flaherty


    I’m looking for a front turn signal housing with or without the lens. I’m trying to match the one I have which is good.  It has no little lens on the top.  I would prefer a unit with the opaque lens (think it’s called the lucas style), but will be good with the icky yellow plastic SAE lens.  The prices from Moss, Abington Spares, LBC, all seem excessive.  If anyone has one or knows ofa source I would be appreciative of info. Thanks   Neil, Gilford, NH, BCW/chevette

    Paul Mossberg




    MG Magic has complete Lucas style front assemblies for $68.50 each



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    Paul Mossberg
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    I have lamps recently removed from mine. I tried to upload a picture but I’m told I have already downloaded the picture I just took…go figure.

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    edward ericson


    MG Magic and Moss prices for that item appear to be very close, except Moss only give you one for your $140 while MG Magic delivers both.

    the o-ring set is cheaper at Moss though. That’s what I need.

    Abingdon Spares might be a good source for these light assemblies as well, but their prices tend to be even higher.

    Then there’s this guy. Don’t see prices anywhere but the site is pleasantly atavistic.

    Neil J Flaherty


    Thanks Paul, Ed & Bill for help and response!  Sent message to Bill to see what’s up with his lights as my next move.  I’ll also call MG Magic tomorrow, but I think I spoke to them before, and I think he told me they only offered the version with the SAE plastic lens.  We’ll see…  Ed the guy with the interesting inventory is UK.  I suppose the shipping might be an issue.  Anyhow I’ll wait and see what happens with Bill.  I’m also looking for a Radiator Cap.  Thanks again for the Heads-Up.  Neil

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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