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    greg press


    Yesterday 2/29 i became a grampa. Liam came into the world a happy baby boy knowing that some day he would be the owner of my london roadster.I am curious how many of you are grandparents and how many grand children do you have    

    Dan Ogle


    Congratulations, I have 8 grand children,(6girls,and 2boys)Clap



    Just a parent of 2 young ladies.  Not expecting grandchilren any time soon.

    Robert J.Smith


    I have five grandkids . 4girls 1boy. I hope to pass the TD to Finn. He seems interested in cars. 😀



     I have two grandchildren. Both boys 5 and 3 and don’t get to see them enough. They live 9 hrs away up in Cincinnati.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    Paul Mossberg



    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to https://tdreplica.com/forums/topic/mg-td-replica-registry/ and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

    Dan Rosa


     I have 3   2 boys 10 and 7 my grand daughter 2 years 6mo. my oldest grand son steven has the TD in his heart.  and always liked getting dirty with me from like at 2 so i guess DixieCup will be his……. I hope not to soon       Dan

    Bill Gould


    I have one grandson who’s 14 and loves riding in the Lafer. As he lives in Dallas, that doesn’t happen as often as either of us would like. Now looking forward to another grandchild, due in August. This one will be living just three miles away, though . . . Clap

    1981 Lafer TI
    1600 cc Type 1 engine

    Rob Baker


    I have two daughters and two grandchildren they are a lot of fun.  My wife does daycare every Wednesday and loves it.  Hope she’ll take care of me someday 🙂

    Until then I’ll be keepin busy.

    Montie Henderson


    Congrats Greg, 

    I have 5 grands and 2 great grands…Granddaughter 21, grands sons 17, 6, 1 1/2 and 3 months;  2 great grand daughters 3 and 1 from the 21 21 year old.   So far the 6 year old has the most interest in Audrey.   The 17 Y/O,,,, well he’s 17 what can I say..  Man when I was 17 I would have been all over these cars (had a midgit and a sptifire about that time).   
    john barry


    I dont have any grandanythings ..or children …just two beautiful English Labs ..and they  cant   drive..

    But    they are always ready for a road trip!





    jebarry2012-03-01 18:23:37

    greg press


    As i’m reading this me being the topic started i realise the td replica will be around forever.

    John Barry,Will  you will you please!please! please! teach those labs how to drive .
    john barry



    Sally watches Intently  as I start the MG TDr up ..I just  need to get a cushion for her so she can  see over the  dash!


    Congrats Greg! I became a Grandpa 11/16/2011. I cant wait for the 1st time I get to pick him up from school in the TD.

    thomas swartzwelder


    Grandparent to six- 4girls-2boys. They all discuss (argue) as to who deserves the MG.

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