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    greg press


    Today i visited a motorhead friend we went into his heated barn where he keeps his toys he has a couple of  harleys, a74 0ls ,corvette,1929 mercedies gazelle kit,1968 dodge cornet with a HEMI[took best of show at nationals] and a plymounth valent [his newiest toy].He also has model toy collection that is worth thousands not bad for a retired  snow plow truck driver. During our visit surprise we talked cars.He said he puts a lead additive in the cars that need it . Should i be doing this with my vw engine .Right now i only burn high test 

    think spring  


    Here’s some information on running unleaded fuel in older engines.


    edward ericson


    I burn 87 octane without any ill effects. It’s important to realize that
    the “high performance” you get with higher octane is by definition
    related only to the fuel’s ability to resist detonation under high
    compression. In a ’68 Hemi with 11-to-1 static compression ratio, I’d
    burn 93 with some “octane 104” or lead additive. In a ’68 1500 sp with
    7.4-to-1 compression, no need, imho. The “top cylinder lubrication”
    supposedly provided by tetra-ethyl lead is probably not relevant in a
    flat four whose camshaft, pushrods and (often) rockers are literally
    bathed in engine oil. Cool running temps protect our valve seats. That
    lead stuff is nothing but poison.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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