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    Bob Cross


    Just finished my Chevette TD build got a dealer plate while waiting for a VIN .So, driving it and WOW the spedo is way off by 20 mph , the oil pressure sometimes says 60 and then sticks on 80, not sure if the tac is accurate, water is at a constant 160.  Anybody have these issues and if so, whats the answer …SMITH gauges?


    Travis Towle


    I just bought mine and it is exactly the same.

    ugh.  I have vintage reproduction gages.  Right now the oil pressure is not even working.



    After messing with inaccurate gauges for quite a while, I went with VDO small gauges (much less $$ than Smiths and lots of choices in dial face style) and I wimped  out and purchased an inexpensive Speedo & GPS sender and Tach off of eBay ( less than $100 each).  The Speedo and Tach are not period correct but they are accurate and easy to read….

    Have fun,

    Happy Jack

    Happy Jack
    "EMMA" Red BCW TDr on 1971 VW w/ rebuilt 1641cc
    Dual Kadron, mild street SCAT cam and lifters Hide away exhaust and headers
    "MANYPENNY" White CMC TDr '78 Ford Pinto components w/ 1988 Mustang II 4 cyl w/ Weber



    I replaced all my old 2” VDO black face gauges with new VDO Royale white face ones. The originals were made in Germany and the new ones I suspect are made in China but as I wanted white face I had little choice in the price range.

    I too had 60-80 psi oil readings with the new electrical gauge. It was suggested on this forum to test the readings with a mechanical gauge. Readings were identical

    WRT the temperature gauge try grounding the wire at the sender with the ignition switch on, no need to start it, you should get a full sweep of the indicator needle on the gauge. If not then the gauge may be defective

    For speedos and tachs some models have adjustment screws on the sides of the casings. Check installation manuals or post the make/model and someone on the forum may have some experience with them and be able to assist

    David B Dixon
    Port Perry ON CA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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