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    edward ericson


     Check out this clip of an ancient hillclimb event featuring Jags, Triumphs, a couple Cad-Allards…and this one TD.

    Apparently it was driven that day by actor Lee Marvin.

    The Chicane has this thing, results, etc. Allegedly 2000 people showed up to watch.

    The winner, a T-Bucket ‘rod called “The Eliminator” which went on to fame and fortune more than once.

    And then there’s this. More MG-centric reminisces from the same hill.

    Those old timers had some fun in their day, eh?


    Neil J Flaherty



    Thanks for the heads up on the Chicane Videos.  Just makes you wish you’d been there.  What’s really depressing was knowing that I lived about 15 miles from Beverly Airport (Ma) in the late fifties, and lived in the Los Angeles are in the mid 60s. Too busy thinking about going to the drag strip. hmm…  Thanks again.    Neil Flaherty

    Paul Allain


    Came across this looking for something else. Pretty good.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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