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    Has anyone ever seen a bra for a TD?  I like to flat tow my TD, am planning a long tow to Carlisle this year and would like to minimize damage from gravel etc.  I have changed the subject line because I really would like some opinions and perhaps my original subject was too titillating.  Royal40921.6188657407

    Paul Mossberg


    I have not seen bras for our replicas.

    I have seen bras on original TDs, they pretty much just cover the leading face on the fenders. But I checked Moss Motors, Abingdon Spares and Little British Car Company and did not find them.


    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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    edward ericson


    Speedster guys say bras are a bad idea–trap grit & mar the paint maybe? But there’s a clear plastic coating a lot of them use & swear by. Apparently you can’t really see it unless you know it’s there. Needs careful application by a pro or dedicated and patient amateur.

    I believe it’s called . . . clearbra. But there might be other brands.

    (This is not an endorsement).



    Cheap temporary alternative. New cars come with a static cling paper adhered to all horizontal surfaces. See if the guys who do new car prep at your local car dealer will scarf you a sheet or two. Cut to fit.

    Bill Ascheman
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    Marc Lipsius


    Do you mean flat towing the car on a trailer? Or with the VW tow bar? Because of the shape of our cars (very little frontal exposure except for the leading edges of the fenders and the grill and headlights) I can’t see much damage from kicked up gravel or stones on the road towing it with the tow bar. I would think that practically all of it would wind up under the fenders (or floorboards maybe), and never get to the sides or rear fenders or the top of the hood or windshield.
    The VW tow bars are reasonably short, so anything kicked up from the tow vehicle won’t travel very far before going under the car. The only thing you may want to try and cover is the grill and headlights, and I wouldn’t think stuff would get kicked up as high as the lights. They would be easy to cover if you are worried about them. If you see gravel, then slow down.
    With the tow bar, I think towing the car at speed would be pretty safe as most of it is hidden from everything behind the tow vehicle. The car is however, more exposed in the wind higher up on a trailer than towed on the road.
    If you are using a flat bed trailer, then how can gravel or anything else get kicked up on to the car and not wind up under the trailer?
    I think the risk of damage in either case is minimal and wouldn’t worry about it.
    Dead bugs on the flat windshield would be the biggest problem. It was when I had a 27′ boat professionally hauled on a trailer from NJ to FL. The boat was clean as a whistle, the front windshield was something else.


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