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    Hello: I’m new to the scene. I was given a MGTD (52) replica partially finished. I want to complete it for my granddaughter. The kit was supplied by Bradley Automotive and he tells me they went bankrupt and therefore lost interest. It’s been in his garage since (82??). He gave me what manuals and parts he had. Seems like part 2 of the assembly manual is missing. The main body of the kit is mostly assembled with the exception of the seats. I am having them custom made. The kit sits on a 76 VW Superbeetle chassis.
    I am really interested if anyone may have the complete assembly manual that I can acquire and go from there. I’m quite mechanically inclined and knowledgeable in electrics, (Retired engineer).
    Would be grateful for input on this subject.



    Hello Phil,welcome to the forum.

    on the top of the page you will see where it says library ,you will find all the copies of manuels  that we have ,you can down load them for free.

    Pleasee share a picture of your new ride



    edward ericson


    Welcome to the group, Phil. We’ll try to help you any way we can. Please post photographs of your car so we can see. (Posting photos is a bit of a process here; sorry.)

    Not sure about a “Bradley” but would like to see pics of your manual. There are some differences among the various kits but in the main all the Beetle kits are pretty similar.

    One thing about them: they are assembled on standard VW Beetle (or Ghia) pans. The McPherson front struts from the Super Beetle will not fit under the TD kit’s bodywork.

    If yours is the exception, I’m even more interested!



    Hey Phil
    Welcome to the Family! Im sure youll find everything youll need right here. My kit is also VW based and I couldnt be happier. Shes my daily driver and with all the helpful advice from our members I seldomly have problems with her.
    Be sure to refer your grand daughter to our club so she can join the fun as well when you hand her the keys. Looking forward to seeing some pictuures of your project.
    Enjoy the journey!
    Rick from Huntington Beach California

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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