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    Hey there everyone.  I am looking for the MG TD Replica Kit car that my Dad sold to a dealership somewhere near Allentown PA back in the 1980’s.  It is tan with brown interior and a brown top.  He sold it to pay for my wedding and I wanted to find it and buy it back.  I don’t have the VIN number, but I do have pictures of the car and possibly if any of this information sounds familiar to someone in PA back then, it would be a miracle if I could find it. Dad has recently passed away and it mean a lot to me if I could locate this car. 



    I almost named a boat of mine missyfishandsea.  Big smile

    Pictures would definitely help.  Close ups of the engine, the dashboard, interior, and anything else on the car that your Dad was particularly proud of.

    Was it a front engine or rear (VW based)? 

    Do you remember who made the kit?  (Fiberfab, Allison, British Coach Works, Daytona, Classic Motor Carriages are a few of many manufacturers)

    Did he name the car?  (it might have stuck)

    Where your Dad bought the car?  …or did he assemble the kit?  Where was the kit bought. 

    We will need a bit more of a hint than sold in Allentown, 1980’s.

    john barry


    Hope you  find your Dads ol MGTDr..post pictures 



    In the member’s listing of cars there’s a brown with tan top (opposite of what you said) near Pittsburgh, PA. Other side of state, too. It’s a VW Autostick.

    So you might want to give that list a look, if you haven’t yet, to try and narrow it down based on what you know.
    If using a PC you should be able to use Ctrl+F and look for specific words on that page. Some people say color for body is cream, others light tan or tan.
    Paul Mossberg, a forum moderator, is near Allentown. Guessing maybe he would remember if he had seen one like yours in that area. Chances are probably good that it didn’t leave the state or a neighboring state. Hopefullly it’s still being driven or stored away good.
    I wonder if the dealership would have any record of it? If they exist now, and if you know where that was. Although even if they did I don’t know if they could give out any info.
    Wish you good luck on the search.
    Paul Mossberg


    Hi Missy…

    What’s your name?
    As LRH alluded to, I live in Bath PA now, just a few miles from Allentown. But in the 1980’s, I was in Rahway and West Orange NJ.
    We’ll all do what we can to help you out. But it’s a pretty long shot. Have you answers to any of the questions asked above?

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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