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    Just bought 53 mgtd kit with 68 model vw engine  Replaced Master Cylinder but cant get it to pump up..any one have any ideas?




    Dale Schumacher



    I had the same problem w/ mine when I replaced. Two things – Could be

    a bad unit as many overseas units are very poor – also did you put brake

    fluid in the MC before you installed? Many times if you don’t it is a bear

    to get the air out and get some pedal pressure.

    Lastly – after spending a huge amount of time tying to get the system up I

    found a big help through a friend. Get a cheap garden sprayer and drill a

    hole in the top of a 1 quart oil can lid and plumb the garden sprayer hose

    through the lid w/ a fitting from H/D or the like and it will screw on the

    top of your Brake fluid tank – you can then pump your system up w/

    about 5 pumps or so and start bleeding from the rear to the front. The

    pressure will force the fluid through the bleeder nipples real fast. If the

    pressure goes down you can give the garden sprayer a couple more

    pumps till your done. Then adjust the brakes all around.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help.


    Dale Schumacher




    Sometimes you need to replace the rubber hoses as they collapse inside and

    you can not tell from the outside.

    Larry Murphy


     Gary, Try loosening the brake lines  where they connect to the master cylinder while having a helper  press down the brake pedal. By doing this you will be bleeding just the MC ,not the entire system. Once you get fluid flowing to  the lines you can then bleed the wheel cylinders .

     I agree with Dale about the rubber hoses. Mine would let fluid go to the wheel cylinders but would not let it retuun when the pedal was released thus keeping the brakes slightly applied.

    Mark Hendrickson


    Agreeing with what was already posted, if the master cylinder is not “bench bled” first you could run into this problem. The collapsed hoses will also cause the problem.

    Keep in mind that when most of these cars were built, the donor cars were lucky to get a decent clean up, let alone any new parts!

    A couple VW based tips: 1)When buying replacement parts, if the GERMAN made part is available, spend the extra few $$ and buy them. 2) If it says made in China, don’t use it. #2 being true for any make car, new or old!

    Pink MG40398.4221064815



    Thanks to all as lasrry lthe cable guy says” got er done” will be posting pics of my new project in the near future

    edward ericson


    Good on ya, Gary!

    chuck schmit


    I replaced my 74 dual master cyl this w/e because it leaked down under pressure, like when you have to stop real fast! I bled it really good on the bench then plugged all the holes and just pulled one plug  at a time and put in each line one at a time. I didn’t even have to bleed the system when i got it all hooked up. This is a measy job, however. I had to clean my driveway when I was finished.

    The brakes work good now and I can actually lock up the rear wheels now.

    Thanks for the tip on bench bleeding!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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