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    Rich Bellefeuille



    FYI, I tried to buy the logo wheel centers as recommended by RobBaker and received the following from RatRacingGraphics:



    Thank you for your interest in Rat Racing Graphics. However, I will be unable to fulfill your request. The MG logo is a copyrighted logo and I do not have permissions to produce and sell. The ones that were made for Rob were processed by a new employee. He was not clear on copyright issues.


    I do apologize for the inconvenience this causes. 



    Rat Racing Graphics


    So Rob, Looks like you have one of a kind collector’s items installed on your wheels. Dang, I really wanted a set too!







    Dan Rosa


    Rich  ,  Try europarts 4 auction eBay # 260306284038,310097286940  for the MG logo dices  and many other mg parts and logo items . try   massy 1946 (30205) I bought center bar spinners  from there ,the both together look great on the wheels and are not priced bad at$38.94 for 4. on the spinners . The best part if your centers are rusted and wont clean and shine now if you paint them the chrome spinner caps look good and more like a factory wheel ,they were painted silver i have seen black ,from the factory ,and used chrome spinners they don’t have DO-UNDO  but knowone will see that. if you get the spinners all you need is 1/4 threded bar stock 12′ cut to- I think 3′ they will spin on your westen wheels using the nut , the big one , still as the center nut with the 2 arm spinner over top of them      BEST of luck Dan




    The MG logo on my spinners are from MG Magic. I’m not sure if you like them, but if you do they should be on the price list I sent you. Just another idea

    Rob Baker


    Rich, sorry about that I have edited that post and took the vendors name off of it.  However you may have luck going to any sign vendors shop to have these made.  As a one off I don’t think there should be a copyright problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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