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    edward ericson


    Check out this 9-minute MG newsreel featuring Appleyard’s dash to the Alps in a factory-fresh TD. Brilliant period cinematography.

    Note the top-down cruising that begins when they hit the snow.

    The announcer says nothing of it. And why did all the announcers talk like that?

    Dan Rosa


     You know that had to be a cold ride top down no heater and snow  and just think I don’t like driving mine in the rain  that footage of the assembly line was priceless the existing British car companies STILL make them the same way    [see the Morgan factory site ] wow what a great add for the TD for 1948     Dan

    Montie Henderson


    That was a great video for 1948! 

    Suns out here in southern Ohio, still only about 40*, but I think it’s time for a quick ride this afternoon.  She hasn’t been out since newyears day and I’m really PAST ready for a ride.. Montie

    Steve Crites


    Ed,  I always appreciate the links you find for us but this one goes to “11”.    

     Now I know I’m going for a drive this afternoon!  After seeing those guys in the Alps with the windscreen down, I’d be a woose (sp?) if I didn’t.




    I just found this posting and watched the film reel.  What a hoot! Thanks, I really enjoyed that.

    edward ericson


    Welcome. I watched it again recently. I still like it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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