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    Bob Bowen


    I have just purchased a 1952 MG TD Replica.  Built by BCW in 1968.  It has the 4 cly chevette engine in front.

    Does anyone know where I can find the VIN #?


    Larry Murphy


     Hi and welcome to the forum. Glad to hear of another BCW in our group..On my Chevette engine BCW , the vin is on the driver side door jam. This is a metalic looking sticker from  the state in which the car was first titled and I assume that the state actually assigned the vin #.I believe these cars were delivered with a statement of orgin from the factory.Is your car a 1968 or 1986? I don’t think BCWs were produced before 1980 and Chevettes were not built that early either.Any way they are great replicas, I have really enjoyed the one I own.Post some pictures when you can as we would enjoy seeing your toy.

            Larry M.

    Dan Rosa


     Welcome, it is always nice to have a new member my car is also chevette powered my numbers are on the firewall and on the body ,behind the driver door between the hinges .     Dan R

    Paul Mossberg


    Hey Rs….

    I told you you’d find some help here!

    Pleae take a moment and send us your car and owner info for our registry. Just click thelink in my signature line.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

    James Cochran


    Cool, an antique replica of an antique auto.

    Welcome aboard

    Bob Bowen


    Yes – 1986!

    Thanks for the imput.  I will check when I get home and report back.

    edward ericson


    ’86 might be one of the last ones built. I’ve been trying to get a fix on how many BCW made, so the number they stamped on yours (not the VIN, but their serial number) might be helpful. Congrats on your purchase. They’re cool cars. Mine’s number 110, a VW kit assembled in June of 1982.




    The VIN number on my BCW is located in two places. One is on the firewall

    in the engine compartment. It was partially hidden by the heater box. The

    other place is beneath the steering wheel column, on the firewall, behind the

    dash. It was painted over.

    Bob Bowen


    THANK YOU for your responses.

    Yes, it’s a 1986 as per registration.

    I found the VIN# that matched the pink slip – it was assigned by the State of Arizona.

    I also found the paper that was taped to the body: MFG by British Coach Works, LTD 5/84, VWR 2150 lbs. 

    The BCW VIN is 1B9AT12-L3G1074…etc

    This is BCW # 324.

    edward ericson


    RS, thanks. so May, 1984 is your MFG date? And number 324. That would make sense.

    Seems like these BCWs are a lot rarer than original TDs. Seems to me they ought to be considered MUCH more valuable, as collector cars

    Have fun with yours. I just affixed a new 4-spoke steering wheel to mine. Gonna need mods tho…. Always more mods.

    Neil J Flaherty



      Ed & RS   I have a BCW, 1985 with Chevette front engine configuration.  serial number just like yours RS, except the L3G  part is L3F  and the last three digits are 272.  There is also a number on my title   which is not in a “field’, and it says original  653  065305.  Tomorrow I’ll do a little more research on the vehicle.  My VIN is attached to the cowl just behind windshield with pop-rivets and an embosed strip.    Neil Flaherty, Gilford, NH

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