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    Ok, here goes:

    My wife and I have been thinking about getting rid of the motorcycle and going with a MIGI.  I have been reading the forums and learning everything I can, to try to make an informed purchase.    But recently, a friend mentioned something that I had not considered.  He said a friend of his couldn’t drive his because there wasn’t enough room in the seat.    This got me wondering –  I’m not huge, but I am 265 at 5′ 11″.   The weight is fairly evenly distributed…   I have been looking at ads for MIGI kits on VW bug chasis…   Is the seating room more limited than a standard vw bug would be?

    Any info or advice (short of Nutrisystem) would be appreciated.   



    Larry Murphy


     Hi and welcome to the forum. My opinion is that the MG replica is a BIG improvement  over the motorcycle, but I have never ridden a motorcycle and have owned three MG replicas so you can understand my biased opinion. Here on the forum we have owners of all shapes and sizes some well over six feet and well over 200 pounds,by their own admission. The secret to fitting in the car is in the way it is set up as far as seat height,angle and distance from the steering wheel.Also the diameter and location of the steering wheel affect the amount of room for the driver.Many of these cars were set up to fit the  original owner and while the seats are usually not adjustable ,they can be moved by altering the supports or brackets that hold them in place.The VW based cars have more leg and foot room due to the smaller tunnels. Both front engined and rear engined cars are about 42–44 inches wide at the seat back area,so you will always be sitting close to your wife.This keeps us from drifting apart as the years go by.Look at any car you may be considering and see what may be required to make it fit befor you buy it.Check in the  Chevy/Ford section under Purchasing kit car for info on how some members have reworked their seats to give more room.

     If you find a car that tickles your fancy, make pictures and post them here and we may be able to advise you more,and always ask any question ,since there are a large number of guys here who are glad to respond and have already went thru the process .

    Mark Hendrickson


    Here are my thoughts:

    I’m 6’4″/250 lbs. I had no problem fitting into my VW based TD replica…but I had the seat bottoms mounted almost on the floor.

    These cars usually have 3 piece seats…2 bottoms and 1 seat back. The seat back is usually fixed, but the bottoms can be mounted on adjusters if you wanted to do that. However, most are mounted on a kit supplied fiberglass, box shaped “pedestal” and are fixed in place. Keep in mind the seat back doesn’t move with the bottoms on adjusters.

    The width of the interiors is narrow, so with an adult riding shotgun, you’ll be almost shoulder to shoulder… OK with your main squeeze .

    IMHO, the VW based kits have way more leg/pedal room than the Chevy or Ford based kits. That’s because you are really sitting where the VW Beetle back seat used to be. The pedals/shifter are moved way back on the VW floor pan tunnel and the cars have a “false” front firewall. This can be “adjusted” during the build to accomodate any length for leg and foot room.

    So, I had problems with height, never leg room or width. My young son usually rode shotgun. I presently have two VW Beetles and have no problems fitting in either one. One has stock seats and the other has buckets from a Nissan Pulsar. Forget about anyone with legs riding in their back seats though.

    Also, the real “problem” you should be looking at as far as getting a kit is how and if it is titled and the kit car laws in your state. Many people contact us after they purchase a replica and go through the ringer to get them legally on the road.

    Try to find a local kit car club in your area and keep asking questions here before you buy. Keep in mind there are differences in quality of the various manufacturers too.




    Hi Larry, thanks for the quick reply, and for the information about the ability to move the seats.   I don’t think the seating would be an issue, but wanted to get some opinions from owners.   We see a few advantages to the MG replica over a motorcycle.  First, my wife could drive it as well (she has no desire to learn on the motorcycle).  Second, though there might not be much more protection, we would certainly be more visible than we are on the bike – people pull out in front of us on a regular basis.   Third, they just look really cool! 

    Thanks Again,



    Dan Rosa


       2 cent  thought  Jim ,,my FXD Con sits in the garage all alone the TD has first place now after 30 plus years of riding I have not used the Harley in 2 years  the TD is almost as much fun to drive  and gets more attention As FOR SIZE—-5’7″  145 lbs  I never gave it a thought




    Again, thanks for the replies.   Sadly, we have about decided to let this one pass.   

    I appreciate all the comments, and feel confident that we could ride in one of these with no trouble.   Dan, we hardly use the motorcycle any more as it is.   Pink MG and Larry, thanks for the practical info on how the seats are mounted.   The friend that told me of the space problem said the kit was a Chevy based kit, so that might be the difference.

    I hope one day to be back in here as an owner!


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