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    Montie Henderson


    I bought a CMC Ford powered TD a couple weeks ago.  I’m trying to do a few things to personalize it and make it a little more confortable to drive.  It has the 2.3 4 cyl in it with auto and a/c.  The car was built in ’89 and only has 2000 miles on it.   

    I want to move the seat back, besides putting the backrest up and back on the platform to gain maybe 2 inches, is it possable to actually cut the tub shelf out and reinforce it?  Looking under it it appears like there is room.  Has any one ever done this?  also looking for replacements for the wire wheels centers.


    a newbee in Ohio, Montie


    James Cochran



    I would hesitate to cut the tub, but I know what you mean about the tightness of the compartment. Driving my car is part of my diet plan

    I am right at 6 foot tall and reconfigured my cockpit area. I lowered the seat bases by making new carpet covered wood boxes that slope down toward the back of the car. I used 2×4 material to make the box sides with a 1/2″ plywood base. I cut the box sides so the overall seat height is 1 1/2″ lower than original and the back side of the seat is 3″ lower than original. This actually places my legs in more of an incline and gaining some leg room that way. It is also very comfortable. The new bases are still hollow for tools and stuff with the hinged seat. (The bases also remove from the car and a back rest flips up out of the new base so we can picnic with the seats). The original placement of backrest was my main problem as it probably is your problem also. I reset the hinge point to on top of the back shelf and modified the plywood back panel. Since the thickest part of the foam is in the lumbar area, this was not a problem. Here is a sketch of what I did. I can now get in and out of the car without sucking in my stomach. I sit lower in the car and makes the car feel larger. I am not for sure how your car is configured, this is how my car was. Hope this helps, James

    Rich Bellefeuille



    What a great idea! Been thinking about modifying the “risers” to get that angle. Picnic seats, now that’s creative design!

    By the way, what software are you using to do your drawings?



    James Cochran



    I use AutoCAD 2006 LT.

    I forgot to mention that the seats do fit tight into the car and taper toward the front, and the seat belts also hold us and the seats in the car. I never adjust the angle of the main backrest, so the hinge is really not needed in my case

    I had thought of using sharp pins sticking up from the floor board to not only hold the seat for possible sliding, but so I can remove the seats and leave the pins sticking up for car thieves to sit on .

    I actually do have the seat bases out unless I am using the car. I think it is a deterent for thieves (hey I live in Memphis!). I made a paper template for each base because my CMC/Fiberfab had different floor shapes between passenger and driver. They work perfect for picnic outings when you want a little seat.

    I will be with the car this weekend, I’ll snap some pics.





    At 6’2″, I took 3 inches from the seat base to releive the Dino Flintstone look and then took 3″ from the bottom of the seat back and moved it up onto the package shelf for leg room.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"



    Not to belabor the point, but Bill’s front seat arrangement allows the most possible leg (and chest) room available in our TDr’s.  Very roomy and comfortable.

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