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    Donna Bryant


    Has anyone installed the carpet kit from MG Magic?  I think I figured out where most pieces go, but have a question or two, before I start ruining new carpet.  There is one piece that is rectangular that is finished on all four sides – does this piece go over the tunnel?  If so, I’m guessing I need to cut holes for the shift and parking brake?  There are two other pieces with un-finished edges, I think I need to cut what is needed to cover the firewall and front of the foot area?  Also, for the side pieces that cover the kick panel area, just forward of the doors, what type of backing/support material can I use.  The old carpet had something that looked like cardboard, I thought the new kit would have the same, but the new pieces are carpet only with no support on the back side.

    Any and all information and help is greatly appreciated.



    Odd that the MG Magic kit doesn’t come with instructions. I suggest you check the Download Manuals tab on the left. In there you’ll find assembly manuals. In my CMC/Fiberfab manual (the second section) they have the carpet installation. Not sure which type of TD you have (Migi, Fiberfab, Duchess)  but I believe all the assembly manuals explain the carpet kit. In my assembly manual it shows the tunnel carpet is NOT edged. The rectangular piece IS edged all around and goes on the rear of the seat back. Check the manual section for yours and see what it tells you. And let us know how it all turns out.

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