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    Tom Colello


    Hated to do it but my factory tank left me no choice so I ordered a new aluminum tank last week and installed it last Friday. The build in fiberglass tank was all eaten up. Don’t know how gas was getting through to the engine. Don’t know if ethanol blend gas had anything to do with the degradation but I’ve heard it’s bad on FRP tanks.

    I drained the exhisting tank and dried it out with a fan then vaccumed out all the crud. No glass cloth which was a surprise but lots and lots of loose resin crystals. Had both tank outlets blocked to the point where I had to poke a screwdriver through to open them up. Then I installed the new tank on top. It takes up valuable trunk space but it is a necessary evil. The tank is 14x20x8″ tall. I get about 9 gallons out of it. Here’s a couple of pics. A sample of some of the broken down resin that was throughout the tank

    The access hole that was cut by a previous owner which tells me I’m not the first to have gas tank issues.

    The new tank

    The new tank installed

    Peter C. King


    Where did you buy that pretty tank, just in case other forum members have to replace their original tanks.


    Marc Lipsius


    That’s the problem with ethanol blended fuels -dissolving the resin in fiberglass tanks. This has been a problem noted in the marine industry for years. You are lucky you didn’t have the tank come apart and seriously leak all over the place. Nice looking new aluminum one though. Could you have gotten one a little taller or longer for more capacity? Was this a stock size or custom made?
    Why are there 2 lines going into your tank?

    Scott A Chynoweth


    2 lines are a nessary evil,1 for feed 1 for vent/or return line on fuel injected

    Tom Colello


    I went with as small a tank as I could to preserve some storage space in the trunk. I had it custom made by Boyd Welding in Ocala, Florida. They do have standard sizes but I opted for a custom size. They will build any design you need. They did an excellent job and I highly recommend them. I ordered it on Thursday the 1st and had it in my hands the following Friday ready to be installed. You can find them on the internet or call Dan Hance at 352-447-2405. Super nice folks. I paid $277.00 including a new sending unit and two internal baffles delivered. Check out their web site 

    Besides the filler neck on the top there’s the sending unit and vent line. This winter I’m gonna do away with all the rubber line I can and go with AN fittings and hard line. I just went this way for now to get the car back on the road quickly so as to not miss any cruisin weather.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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