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New Lease on Life for my MGr

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    Bob Putnam


    Happy to find this club, and happy to relate to my fellow MGr owners that I’m more delighted than ever with my car.  I bought the kit in 1985 from a California company named Corsair (went out of business several years ago.) My brother and I used a 69 VW donor car to put it together, taking about 3 weeks.  I replaced the motor a couple years later with a freshly assembled 1776 cc VW motor from MoFoCo, and added (very expensive) chrome wire wheels, disc brakes and some other improvements at that time.

    Original manufacture was very high quality, epoxy resin over its own steel frame, and the car was delivered by a car carrier, looking fully assembled, all in one piece (fenders, running boards, etc. are all glassed together.)

    I have driven the car 40K in the 35 years, going through 2 paint jobs, 2 new tops and about 3 sets of new tires.  But now, at age 74, I don’t have the energy or the garage to work on it myself.  Fortunately, I have enough resources to pay for the work, and I found a great custom shop (Wits End Fabrication in MD) to work on it for me.

    The shop just finished a pretty thorough renovation for me — installing these new parts: carbs (2 Empi) , steering parts & shocks, trans (FoMoCo refurbished), clutch & shift coupler, generator, starter, brakes & tires.  Also needed quite a bit of rewiring.

    Over the years, I’ve used “zipper on” side curtains, but I just purchased a complete set of original equipment-like aluminum frame side curtains from Moss Motors.  Fitting these to my 3-bow top was a nightmare, and very expensive at the fabrication shop.  The windows still don’t fit very well; I need (yet another) new top, so I hope an upholstery shop can make some adjustments.

    At this moment, all these years later, I am still loving driving my TDr every moment I can.  I will post some photos as soon as I figure out how to do so.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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